How can I cancel an order? (Placing unlimited fee on a seller)


As a buyer, I’ve selected products, shipping and filled all the data. But just after checkout and before pay, I change my mind (I no longer want the products, I realize I have no money, whatever). How can I cancel?

As a seller, a buyer has filled all the data but there has been no payment yet (therefore, I’m not shipping anyof the goods). How can I reject the selling? Mostly to avoid getting charged for something that has not been bought.

It came to my attention that an irresponsible buyer can spend 0€ and charge the seller with unlimited debt by just placing an order and closing before the Paypal gateway, unlimited times. Is there a way to solve this or a way to make Happeno not charge the fees until the payment has been checked?


Hey there,

If the buyer did not complete the payment and the order is marked as “Unpaid”, you should go to and click “Request refund”. The fee will then be removed as the order was not paid. Usually takes a few hours after you have requested the refund for the request to be approved.

Hope this helps!

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The system automatically checks if the order has been paid or not when you submit a refund request. We plan to make this setup even better, and your feedback is highly appreciated! Let us know if you experience any issues or difficulties.

Thanks, it works!
It’s true I find the interface a bit counterintuitive, both as a buyer as a seller.
I guess it’ll be improved in time.