Use Influencer Marketing to Maximize eCommerce Sales

Dear Community,

Influencer marketing is all about building connections with people and presenting your product in an honest and transparent way. For eCommerce, this is especially important. With tight competition and declining impact of paid ads, the industry has to come up with a brand-new marketing strategy that is persuasive for shoppers. Influencer marketing seems to be the perfect fit.

Influencers differ from celebrities in the following way:

  • Smaller audience
  • More authenticity
  • Better engagement

The main point about influencers is that they share the same values and interests as their audience and therefore are perceived as honest and reliable.

We are happy to announce a more improved update to our influencer program. You might have noticed a new icon in the top header menu. If not, let me share a screenshot below:

By clicking on this icon in the header it will redirect you to the page where you can upload your shoppable posts:

From here you can upload an image, tag the products in the post and add a relevant description.
For information on how to find the listing ID of a product, please visit our help center.

Once you have filled in all the required information, you can view your post from your profile page. Example of a post uploaded using our built-in influencer feature:

Your photo will be beautifully presented along with the products that are used in the photo. Buyers will then have easy access to purchase the same products you are using, and you are influencing buyers and driving more sales.

With your Happeno profile, you will be able to gain followers and drive direct traffic to your listings. Be creative and don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you!

There are thousands of different marketplaces around the world. We believe that it’s important to share unique content, dare to be different and build a following base directly at the marketplace. More and more marketplaces will come, with millions of products. The way to succeed is to be different, create quality content, build a close relationship with your buyers.

Look at other famous marketplaces, for example, it’s over-crowded with sellers. It’s difficult to be different when you don’t have the tools to make it happen. It’s a marketplace built to bring most income to the owners, not the sellers. With few ways to stick out from the crowd, you are forced to be a part of the crowd, and not being able to build your own way. To be personal with your buyers, to share great content, to use your skills and entrepreneurship to make IT happen.

It all changes with Happeno. We’re built for creative entrepreneurs who dares to be different.

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Exciting! This is the correct path to take. Influencer marketing! Looking forward to start using this feature!